No upfront costs. No
subscriptions. P.A.Y.G.

Paying per use helps you to keep the lid on your
inspections budget, only pay for what you need!

Don’t like to be tied into a fixed length subscription? With TEMS you only pay for what you use, when you use it. So if you complete one inspection a month or 100 in a year you’ll only be charged for what you’ve done, when you’ve done them. It’s as simple as PAYG!

With no upfront costs, you can give TEMS a try with no obligation. And with nothing to paid in advance it’s easy to get you started. Why not give it a go today and see what TEMS can do to save you time and money?


NO upfront payments
Not sure if TEMS is for you? With no upfront payments you can try it without any initial outlay. Saving you time and money.


NO subscriptions
Don’t like paying monthly for something you’ve not used? With no subscription fees you pay for what you use, when you use it.


NO Contracts
Feeling tied down in a contract? With no contracts you’re free to come and go as you please. No exit fees, no penalties.

"As an independent inspector, P.A.Y.G. suits me perfectly!”

Why subscribe?
Pay when you earn!

With Pay As You Go you only pay for what you’ve done.

The power at your fingertips

Access and complete inspections on any smart device, anytime, anywhere. You’re in control.


Fully legal compliant

Not only can you access your reports for insurance and audits, TEMS is legally compliant under LOLER and PUWER. Be safe.


Get in touch and find out more about TEMS now!

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